Feel free to have a look at this f.a.q. in case you might find the answer to your question in there:

    Do you offer returns if the pedal I bought is not right for me?
    No. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources or infrastructure to offer returns.

    Do you sell PCB’s?
    No. I used to but had to stop for lack of time that is necessary to help builders troubleshoot their issues.
    It’s a pity because I enjoyed sharing projects that way.

    Do you make custom pedals?
    In principle no, but feel free to get in touch to discuss your idea. Chances are, if I find it interesting and have some spare time, I might be able to do it.

    Do you make custom effect patches?
    I can’t promise I will be able to find the time to do it but feel free to get in touch to discuss it.

    Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, you can add a pedal to the cart to check the shipping costs to your location.

    Do drolo pedals work with other instruments besides guitar?
    Yes, they work fine with bass in general. You can also use them with synths or line level signals, though you may need to adapt (reduce) levels to avoid clipping.

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