I offer a 2 year warranty against failure resulting from defective parts and/or faulty workmanship. This covers defects occurring under normal use. The warranty does not cover switches, pots, LED’s, knobs and jacks broken due to improper use (for example, physical shock, trauma, improper storage conditions). Failure caused by the use of wrong power supplies, mods, tampering, repair attempts, will not be covered either. Shipping to me and back as well as customs duties and taxes are at the charge of the customer.

In case the items are delivered faulty, or break down within 15 days of the delivery date, they are considered Dead on Arrival (DOA), except if the defect is caused by the one of the warranty exceptions mentioned above. In that case, the customer is entitled to a replacement of the DOA item free of charge.

Should any of these “out of warranty situations” occur I will still gladly fix them at a reasonable price.
Please contact me if you have a faulty pedal, even if you are not the original owner.

Other than for the cases described above, I offer no returns.

Be aware that if you are ordering from outside the EU, you might need to pay some duties and taxes in your country. It’s not always the case but happens.

As far as possible I will use re-purposed shipping and padding materials to ship the pedals. This is not for saving money but for the sake of avoiding waste of perfectly useable material I have accumulated when ordering parts.

Please only purchase a pedal if you agree to these terms.

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