The Stretch Weaver has 2 separate channels that can interact with each other in various ways, mostly through side-chaining where a channel can trigger an action that will be applied to the other channel.

The idea for this pedal was sparked when Scott Amendola (drummer extraordinaire with the Nels Cline Singers among numerous other projects) sent me a CD of his recent duo project with Nels, called Stretch Woven. While I was listening to it in my bed one night and hearing both improvise off each other I thought that it would be really cool if there was a device that allowed both their sounds to actually interact with each other.

So this pedal was conceived with both these awesome musicians in mind but you don’t have to necessarily use awesome drums and guitar with it. Pretty much any sound source will do something.
Obviously, the name is an homage to their project. The picture of the rug used in the artwork is an old family rug that was woven by a great grandmother out of old rags, as they used to do. I thought that was fitting the concept 🙂

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Description of the 8 available modes:

Each channel can trigger the other to get time stretched. The louder the signal, the longer the stretch. The ctrl knob adjusts the max time stretching overall available.

Only the right channel is being stretched but the left knob will allow some of the left audio to get weaved in and processed on the left.

Each channel can trigger the other to loop the last recorded sample.

Each channel can change the speed at which the other channel is being played back.

Each channel can change the pitch of the other.

Each channel can trigger the other channel to glide from a very low, almost inaudible pitch up to unison.

Each channel goes through a gate that only opens when the other channel triggers it.

Each channel can ring modulate the other. When you turn up the ctrl knob the two incoming audio channels will start to get mixed together before being routed to both ringmod processes, so that each channel will increasingly be able to modulate itself.

While it is a dual channel pedal intended to be used with 2 audio sources, if you only plug something into the right channel it will be routed to the left channel so that you can still make sounds (stereo if you wish) and trigger the effects.

Here is a short video showing some sounds using just a guitar into the right channel:

and here with no input at all:

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