Lilac Cloud – Self Oscillating Fuzz

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Lilac Cloud is a fuzzy overdrive that started off as a Harmonic Percolator but was tweaked, expanded and de-mojoed.
I have no idea if it sounds like one. I have never tried a real one and they all seem to be different anyway.
I just liked the grain and wide range of distortion that this configuration provided, allowing to go from an almost clean boost to a thick compressed fuzz.
It also has an EQ section, optional clipping, self-oscillation and it has Flab!


Vol – Adjust the overall volume of the pedal.
Gain – Adjusts the amount of distortion.
Treb – Simple low pass filter to adjust the amount of treble.
Bass – Simple high pass filter to adjust the amount of bass.
Clip – When flicked up it engages a pair of silicon diodes that clip and compress the signal.
Fdbk – Adjusts the amount of self-oscillation. All the knobs except Vol will influence the behavior of the feedback.
Flab – Adds mass to the sound. Can also cause low pitched self oscillation when the bass control is maxed. When Fdbk is turned down, Flab can also be used as a boost, especially when Gain is set low.

You can download the user guide here

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