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Stamme[n] is a pedal that grew out of an initial idea from Kent Sommer (aka UglyCasanova, and also of Digital Flora FX). He wanted a pedal that could loop short samples, and also had tap tempo functionality. It seemed like a fun project.And while I was working on it, I kept adding more features until it became something more versatile.

In the end, the stamme[n] became an official drolo product, and I’m very thankful to Kent for his creative input, unique ideas, and all of the good chats along the way.

Over the years stamme[n] has evolved into a micro looper, time stretcher, glitch delay, tape machine, infinite sustainer, and reverb – all built on top of that original tap tempo looper concept.

Find more detailed info and demos on the main product page.

Download the manual for V4

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