Stamme[n] (test)

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Stamme[n] is a pedal that originated from an initial idea of Kent Sommer (aka UglyCasanova and now digitalflorafx). He asked me if I could make him a pedal that would loop short samples and had tap tempo. It seemed like a fun project and while working on it I decided to add more features. In the end it became an official drolo product and I really want to thank Kent for his input, ideas and the nice chats.

From that initial tap tempo micro looper idea, the pedal has evolved over the years into a micro looper / time stretcher / glitch delay / tape machine / infinite sustainer / reverb.


Find more detailed info and demos on the main product page.

Download the manual for V4

Weight 0.5 kg

W 95mm * H 125mm * D 55mm

Power Supply

9V center negative 120mA, 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm

Other key features

Soft bypass and function footswitches switch with momentary/latching modes
Electronic, buffered bypass
Analog dry channel
Expression input to control the ctrl knob
UV printed enclosure

User Guide



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